Exploring Starfield Traits: In-Depth Overview

In the realm of Bethesda’s sci-fi RPG Starfield, the journey begins with crafting your character and embarking on spacefaring adventures. But before you set sail among the stars, the game prompts you to establish your character’s background and allocate traits. In the classic tradition of Bethesda RPGs, Starfield offers a selection of diverse traits for you to choose from. As the game prepares for its early access release, we’ve compiled an extensive list of Starfield’s traits to help you prepare for your intergalactic roleplaying experience.

Understanding Traits in Starfield

As highlighted by game director Todd Howard during the Starfield Deep Dive, traits in this game possess a level of flexibility unprecedented in Bethesda titles. These traits introduce distinctive positive and negative adjustments to your character, shaping your gameplay experience.

Upon the game’s launch, you can opt for up to three traits. The choice is yours. you can either select preferred traits or none at all, tailoring your adventure to your liking. Your chosen traits subtly influence your exploration journey, though certain traits may exclude others.

For instance, if you decide to embrace your introverted side, you won’t simultaneously possess the traits of an extrovert. Similarly, aligning with a specific religious path may restrict your selection of other traits.

Top Starfield Traits for an Edge in the Game

With a plethora of traits to choose from, deciding which one suits your character can be a daunting task. Traits bring a unique flavor to your character, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the RPG experience. While traits don’t significantly impact the game on a broad scale, they do provide subtle advantages. Here are the top traits to consider for a slight gameplay advantage:

Empath: This trait enhances your combat effectiveness when making decisions that align with your companions. As you’ll often explore Starfield with a companion, Empath is a valuable choice for boosting your performance during gunfights and hostile encounters.

Extrovert: Extrovert reduces oxygen consumption when you’re with a party. Considering that you’ll frequently team up with companions, this trait can be invaluable, making your oxygen supply last longer during group adventures.

Terra Firma: Opt for Terra Firma over the Spaced trait. It’s perfect for exploration, as it reduces oxygen consumption on planetary surfaces. Since much of your gameplay will involve planet-side activities, Terra Firma ensures you use less oxygen, especially during hostile encounters.

While these traits provide gameplay advantages, you might also consider faction-based or religion-based traits for roleplay purposes. These traits don’t offer combat advantages but open up additional roleplay content and rewards. For instance, faction-based traits like Street Rat, Freestar Collective Settler, or UC Settler unlock unique dialogues, better rewards, and special side quests when interacting with NPCs from the respective faction. Religion-based traits like Enlightened or Universal offer special items from their respective religion buildings, enhancing your roleplay experience. So, if you value roleplay elements, explore these traits to immerse yourself deeper into the Starfield universe.

A Comprehensive List of Confirmed Traits in Starfield

Here, we present a comprehensive overview of all the confirmed traits available in Bethesda’s captivating sci-fi RPG, Starfield. Keep in mind that this list might undergo minor adjustments upon the title’s early access release on September 1, 2023. Rest assured, we will continually update and rectify any inaccuracies, streamlining your decision-making process.

Alien DNA

Benefits: Boosted health and oxygen levels
Drawbacks: Slower recovery from healing and food items

Ever imagined playing as a character who underwent groundbreaking clinical trials to become something unique? The Alien DNA trait lets you do just that. In simple terms, if you choose this trait, your character’s health and oxygen stats get a permanent boost. However, there’s a trade-off, when you use healing items or eat, your recovery rate for health and oxygen slows down a bit.

Dream Home

Benefits: Have your own lavish house
Drawbacks: Weekly mortgage payment of 125,000 credits

We all have dreams of owning a luxurious house, and in the world of Starfield, that’s possible too. But much like real life, achieving this dream requires some effort. Thankfully, the Dream Home trait offers a shortcut. With this trait, you start the game with your own residence. However, there’s a catch, you’ll need to make weekly mortgage payments of 125,000 credits to keep your dream home.


Benefits: Temporary combat boost when acting in line with companions' preferences
Drawbacks: Decreased combat effectiveness if going against companions' preferences

In Starfield, some traits focus on roleplaying, and Empath is one of them. It’s about being fair and kind to everyone in the game. Choosing this trait means that both you and your companions gain a temporary combat advantage when you make decisions that align with their preferences. However, if you happen to do something that’s a bit on the unkind or unfavorable side, your overall combat effectiveness takes a hit.


Benefits: Using less oxygen when exploring with a group
Drawbacks: Consuming more oxygen when adventuring alone
Incompatible with Introvert trait

In the realm of interactions, extroverts shine. They’re the ones who thrive in social situations. Naturally, in Starfield, they also have better stamina, more energy, and greater lung capacity. If you’re an extrovert, you’ll consume less oxygen when exploring with companions. But if you decide to venture out on your own, you’ll find yourself using up more oxygen. It’s like your character gets a bit anxious when they’re alone for too long.

Freestar Collective Settler

Benefits: Unlock unique dialogues and enjoy better rewards for faction missions
Drawbacks: Attracts higher crime bounty from other factions
Cannot be combined with Neon Street Rat and United Colonies Nativetraits

Imagine being part of the Freestar Collective, a faction that’s taken charge of specific planets across the Starfield universe. With the Freestar Collective Settler trait, you can step into the shoes of one of its citizens. This opens up exclusive dialogue options with fellow settlers, giving you fresh insights into the storyline.

Helping out the faction earns you improved rewards, enhancing your gameplay. However, remember that if you end up opposing the Freestar Collective, your bounty will skyrocket, causing formidable enemies to hunt you down.

Hero Worshipped

Benefits: Acquire a companion, the Adoring Fan, who showers you with gifts
Drawbacks: Gain the Adoring Fan companion (yes, that's a disadvantage)

Remember the Adoring Fan from Elder Scrolls 4? Well, this charmingly overenthusiastic character finds their way into Starfield. By selecting the Hero Worshipped trait, you welcome the Adoring Fan into your adventures. This NPC appears from time to time, laden with gifts, all because they’re your devoted admirer.

However, be warned: the Adoring Fan might become more of a bother than a boon. And if their past behavior is any indication, don’t expect them to be your ally in combat situations.


Benefits: Use less oxygen when exploring alone
Drawbacks: Consume more oxygen when venturing with a group
Cannot be chosen alongside the Extrovert trait

In a universe full of vibrant interactions, there’s room for introverts too. These individuals cherish their personal space and tranquility. If you opt for the Introvert trait, your character will conserve oxygen while navigating solo. However, teaming up with companions increases your oxygen usage.

Kid Stuff

Benefits: Reconnect with living parents for interaction
Drawbacks: Deduct 2% of your credits as family support

Most RPGs focus on lone adventurers, but Starfield offers a twist with the Kid Stuff trait. This lets you maintain a connection with your in-game parents, offering opportunities for interactions. However, nurturing family ties comes at a cost,2% of your earnings are set aside as support for your family.

Neon Street Rat

Benefits: Access unique dialogue and enjoy enhanced rewards on the planet Neon
Drawbacks: Attracts higher crime bounty from other factions
Cannot be combined with Freestar Collective Settler and United Colonies Native traits

Picture yourself as a Neon Street Rat, navigating life in the bustling city of Neon within Starfield’s universe. This trait opens up dialogue options tailored to your street-smart character, enriching your interactions with the game world.

Moreover, missions on the planet Neon offer improved rewards with this trait. Keep in mind, though, that your notoriety among other factions may increase as a consequence.

Raised Enlightened

Benefits: Access unique items in the House of Enlightened at New Atlantis
Drawbacks: Sacrifice access to Sanctum Universum items
Cannot be chosen alongside Raised Universal and Serpent’s Embrace traits

In a world of diverse beliefs, Raised Enlightened offers a religious twist. This trait provides access to special items found in the House of Enlightened at New Atlantis. While this grants you unique advantages, it also means missing out on items from the Sanctum Universum, located elsewhere at New Atlantis.

Raised Universal

Benefits: Unlock exclusive items at the Sanctum Universum in New Atlantis
Drawbacks: Lose access to House of Enlightened items
Cannot be chosen alongside Raised Enlightened and Serpent’s Embrace traits

Enter the world of Raised Universal, the game’s second religion. Opting for this trait opens the door to a chest located in the Sanctum Universum in New Atlantis. This treasure trove holds unique items that can enhance your gameplay. However, making this choice means you won’t have access to the items found in the House of Enlightened.

Serpent’s Embrace

Benefits: Gain temporary health and oxygen boosts through grav jumping
Drawbacks: Suffer lowered health and oxygen unless you jump regularly
Cannot be combined with Raised Enlightened and Raised Universal traits

Picture a cult dedicated to a snake deity within Starfield’s universe. If you align with Serpent’s Embrace, you’ll gain intriguing benefits. Embracing this trait means that whenever you perform a grav jump, you’ll receive a temporary boost to your health and oxygen levels, proving valuable in specific situations. However, be prepared to become somewhat of a jump enthusiast, as your health and oxygen levels will drop unless you grav jump regularly.


Benefits: Boosted health and oxygen in space
Drawbacks: Reduced health and oxygen on planetary surfaces
Cannot be chosen alongside Terra Firma trait

Imagine embodying a seasoned star explorer who has thrived in the cosmos. If you opt for the Spaced trait, your lung capacity expands, leading to improved health and oxygen levels in the vacuum of space. However, once you land on a planet’s surface, expect your health and oxygen to take a dip.


Benefits: Trained crew members automatically repair ship systems below 50% damage
Drawbacks: Increased hiring costs for crew members

Starfield’s cast of companions come with their unique attributes. The Taskmaster trait is handy for those planning to strategically assign crew members to specific ship systems. If you have a trained crew member, they’ll automatically repair a damaged ship system when it falls below 50% damage. However, be prepared for higher hiring costs for crew members. Keep in mind that Starfield doesn’t offer multiplayer or co-op gameplay, so your companions are your main support.

Terra Firma

Benefits: Enhanced health and oxygen on planetary surfaces
Drawbacks: Diminished health and oxygen in space
Cannot be combined with spaced trait

Embark on a journey as a fledgling space explorer whose life has predominantly been planet-bound. With the Terra Firma trait, touching down on planetary surfaces boosts your health and oxygen levels. But, when you journey into the cosmos, expect these vital stats to decline.

United Colonies Native

Benefits: Access distinctive dialogue and superior rewards tied to United Colonies faction
Drawbacks: Attracts higher crime bounties from other factions
Cannot be chosen alongside Freestar Collective Settler and Neon Street Rat traits

Experience life as a native of the United Colonies faction, a group dedicated to colonizing newly discovered planets. By embracing the United Colonies Native trait, you gain the ability to engage in unique conversations with fellow colonists who share your background. Your assistance to the faction also reaps better rewards. However, remember that your actions may increase your notoriety among rival factions, resulting in higher bounties on your head.


Benefits: Inflict greater damage when your health is low
Drawbacks: Face random attacks from armed mercenaries

Consider stepping into the shoes of a formidable space pirate with a hunger for adventure. If you crave a thrilling roleplay, the Wanted trait might catch your eye. With this trait, you become a force to be reckoned with when your health is low, dealing out heightened damage. However, the price of infamy is high, prepare for the occasional ambush from determined mercenaries seeking to claim your bounty.

Now, with these diverse traits before you, the question emerges, how will you weave them together to shape your character’s story in Starfield? Do you have a strategy in mind? Feel free to express your opinions in the comments area down below.

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