Dr. Ratio in Honkai Star Rail: Abilities, Optimal Setup, Light Cones, and More

Dr. Ratio is set to debut in the upcoming Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update’s second phase. Generating buzz within the community for his meme-worthy name and a teaser image flaunting a ‘L‘ sign during the recent Honkai Star Rail Drip Marketing Campaign, anticipation for this character is soaring. Expect a flood of memes featuring Dr. Ratio in the days ahead. Here’s a comprehensive rundown of Dr. Ratio’s kit, highlighting optimal builds, team formations, and Light Cones for this exciting new addition.

Note: The content of this article relies on leaked information. As soon as Dr. Ratio is officially launched, we'll promptly update the article to provide accurate details.

Understanding Dr. Ratio in Honkai Star Rail

Dr. Ratio, a member of the Intelligentsia guild, is characterized as candid and self-centered. Renowned for their pursuit of knowledge, the Intelligentsia guild specializes in gathering and exchanging information throughout the universe.

Dr. Ratio Release Date

Dr. Ratio is anticipated to debut on January 18th, 2024, marking the commencement of the 2nd phase of Honkai Star Rail’s 1.6 update. Alongside Dr. Ratio, the Honkai Star Rail 1.6 banners will showcase Sushang, Natasha, and Hook.

The standout feature of this new 5-star character is the announcement that Honkai Star Rail will offer a complimentary copy of Dr. Ratio upon the release of his banner. This means players won’t need to expend any Stellar Jades to acquire him. Here’s a guide detailing how you can obtain Dr. Ratio for free.

Dr. Ratio’s: Cycle Rotation and Kit (At Max Level)

Dr. Ratio remains in the beta phase, undergoing multiple updates to his kit. As we approach his official release, these details continue to evolve. Our commitment is to keep the Dr. Ratio kit information current by integrating the latest leaks, ensuring you have the most recent and accurate insights available.

  • Mind is Might (Basic Attack): Strikes a single enemy, dealing imaginary damage equivalent to 130% of his Attack.
  • Intellectual Midwifery (Skill): Inflicts imaginary damage on a single enemy equal to 150% of Dr. Ratio’s Attack.
  • Syllogistic Paradox (Ultimate): Unleashes an attack against a single enemy, dealing imaginary damage of up to 288% of his Attack. Additionally, this attack marks the enemy. Allies targeting the marked enemy will prompt Dr. Ratio’s Talent to trigger follow-up attacks, possible up to 2 times.

  • Cognito, Ergo Sum (Talent): Dr. Ratio possesses a 40% chance to execute a follow-up attack whenever he employs his skill. These follow-up attacks, induced by his talent, also deal imaginary damage equal to 270% of his Attack. The fixed chance for triggering follow-up attacks increases by 20% for each debuff applied to the enemy. If the targeted enemy is defeated before the follow-up attack activates, the follow-up attack is redirected to a random enemy.
  • Mold of Idolatry (Technique): Constructs a specialized dimension that forces enemies to focus their attacks on Dr. Ratio for 10 seconds, drawing their attention (taunting effect). Upon entering battle, all enemies experience a 15% reduction in Speed for 2 turns.

Dr. Dr. Ratio’s kit heavily revolves around follow-up attacks, with the number of follow-ups escalating according to the debuffs inflicted on enemies. To optimize his performance, it’s crucial to apply numerous debuffs prior to Dr. Ratio taking his turn and activating his skill. His recommended cycle rotation would prioritize:

Skill -> Skill -> Ultimate -> Skill -> Skill -> Ultimate.

Utilize Dr. Ratio as a sub-DPS by strategically incorporating his basic attacks between skill usage to maintain a balance in skill points. In this role, his ideal rotation would involve:

Skill -> Basic -> Ultimate -> Skill -> Basic -> Ultimate.

Best Dr. Ratio: Build, Planar Ornaments, Relics & Sub Stats

Dr. Ratio’s damage potential relies significantly on assembling the right Relics. To optimize his performance, consider the following recommendations for Cavern Relics, Planar Ornaments, Main Stats, and Sub Stats in his ideal build:

Dr. Ratio Cavern Relics

  • 4-piece The Ash Blazing Grand Duke set (Best for Dr. Ratio)
  • 4-piece Wastelander of Banditry Desert (Extra Imaginary damage and Crit Rate and Damage increase against debuffed enemies)

Dr. Ratio’s gameplay centers on maximizing his follow-up attacks. Equipping the 4-piece The Ash Blazing Grand Duke set further amplifies these follow-up strikes, significantly boosting his damage output within each cycle.

Alternatively, employing the 4-piece Wastelander of Banditry Desert set provides a substantial flat increase in Imaginary damage. Additionally, it enhances Critical Rate and Critical Damage in correlation with the number of debuffed enemies, aligning perfectly with Dr. Ratio’s primary strategy.

Dr. Ratio Planar Ornaments

  • 2-piece Talia: Celestial Differentiator set (Best for Dr. Ratio)
  • 2-piece Space Sealing Station set (Buffs attack, easy to get speed threshold)
  • 2-piece Pan Cosmic Commercial Enterprise set (Buffs attack and will make it easier to debuff enemies)

Equipping the 2-piece Talia: Celestial Differentiator set will grant a significant flat increase in Dr. Ratio’s Critical Damage, provided the threshold requirement is met. If the threshold isn’t reached, consider utilizing the 2-piece Space Sealing Station or the 2-piece Pan Cosmic Commercial Enterprise sets to enhance his Attack instead.

Best Main and Sub Stats

Prioritize stacking Critical Damage, Attack%, and Crit Rate as Dr. Ratio’s main and sub stats. As a DPS character, maximizing these stats will significantly amplify his damage output, particularly from his follow-up attacks.

Light Cones for Best Dr. Ratio Build

Certainly, Dr. Ratio, being a Hunt character, benefits from specific Light Cones that complement his abilities. Here are some recommendations for his optimal Light Cone choices to create the best build possible:

  • Baptism of Pure Thought (Signature Light Cone): Provides a flat 20% increase in Crit Damage and stacks an additional 6% Crit damage for each debuff on the enemy (up to 3 stacks). When Dr. Ratio uses his Ultimate to attack an enemy, his damage surges by 36%, and his follow-up attacks bypass 20% of the target’s Defense for 2 turns.
  • Worrisome Blissful (Best Alternative): Grants an 18% boost in Crit Rate and elevates Follow-up attack damage by 30%. When an enemy is struck with a follow-up attack, they receive the Tame state (up to 2 stacks). Allies targeting enemies with the Tame state gain a 12% increase in Crit Damage for each Tame stack on the enemy.
  • Cruising in the Stellar Sea (Best F2P option): Offers an initial 8% increase in Crit Rate and adds 8% more Crit rate for each enemy with HP at or below 50%. Additionally, when the wearer defeats an enemy, their Attack escalates by 20% for 2 turns.

Dr. Ratio Ascension and Trace Materials

All Ascension Materials for Dr. Ratio:

All Trace Materials for Dr. Ratio:

Dr. Ratio Eidolons in Honkai Star Rail

  • Calamity of Arrogance (E1): At the beginning of battle, gains 2 Stacks for each buff in the Talent. Additionally, both the Talent’s buff stack and its duration increase by 2 and 1 turn, respectively.
  • Minuscule Yet Profound (E2): Each follow-up attack from Dr. Ratio’s talent inflicts extra Imaginary damage equivalent to 20% of his Attack for every debuff on the target. This effect can trigger up to 4 times during each follow-up attack.
  • Know Thyself (E3): Boosts Ultimate Level by +2, raising it to Level 15, and elevates Basic Attack Level by +1, reaching Level 10.
  • With Ignorance Comes Folly (E4): Gains an additional 3 energy each time a buff is received after using his skill.
  • Adrift in Vastness (E5): Increases Skill Level by +2, reaching Level 15, and elevates Talent Level by +2, reaching Level 15.
  • The Truth Eternal (E6): Augments the Wiseman’s Folly trigger effect by +1. Damage from follow-up attacks triggering Wiseman’s Folly is enhanced by 50%.

His Eidolons offer moderate benefits, but investing beyond E1 isn’t particularly worthwhile. E1 might be a viable target, but pursuing further enhancements isn’t recommended.

Dr. Ratio Traces in Honkai Star Rail

Bonus Abilities:

  • Summation (Ascension 2): Following Dr. Ratio’s skill usage, his Crit Rate grows by 2.5% and Crit Damage increases by 5% for each debuff present on the target.
  • Inference (Ascension 4): When Dr. Ratio uses his skill to attack, the target’s Effect Resistance is diminished by 10% for 2 turns.
  • Deduction (Ascension 6): Dr. Ratio’s damage amplifies by 10% (up to a maximum of 50%) for each debuff present on the target when there are 3 or more debuffs active.

Stat Boosts:

  • Attack Boost: 28%
  • Crit Rate Boost: 12.4%
  • Defense Boost: 12.5%

Best Team Comps For Dr. Ratio

Creating effective teams for Dr. Ratio heavily relies on maximizing his follow-up attacks, linked to the number of debuffs on enemies. Including characters like Welt, who can apply 3 debuffs in a single turn, becomes crucial. Alternatively, Pela or Silver Wolf can substitute for Welt. Additionally, incorporating Topaz alongside Dr. Ratio significantly boosts the damage output of his follow-up attacks.

To deploy Dr. Ratio as a sub DPS, Kafka makes for an excellent pairing. For sustaining the team, Huohuo or Luocha are recommended choices. While any sustain character can work well with Dr. Ratio, Huohuo stands out by enabling him to swiftly access his Ultimate ability.

Should You Pull for Dr. Ratio in Honkai Star Rail?

The upcoming Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update is set to include a confirmed gift of Dr. Ratio within the HoYoverse. However, his Eidolons might not warrant heavy investment, so pulling for him isn’t necessary. Personally, I find Dr. Ratio’s kit impressively robust. With the capacity to inflict significant damage right from the battle’s outset, having a strong Debuff Applier on your team becomes key.

As a formidable DPS option available without the need to pull, Dr. Ratio offers a promising addition to your lineup. This also means your Stellar Jades remain untouched, saving them for potential upcoming 2.0 banners.

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