5 Iconic OG Fortnite Map Locations Worth Visiting

The original Fortnite map from 2018 has made a comeback with Season 4, Chapter 5, reintroducing some of the iconic locations that have been altered throughout the game’s history. The map has undergone significant changes due to various in-game events and storylines. Now, to celebrate the game’s history, Fortnite has brought back the nostalgic map for all players to enjoy. While long-time players may find these locations familiar, new players might need some guidance.

If you’re looking to land at the iconic points of interest (POIs) on the Fortnite OG map, you’ve come to the right place. This guide compiles all of these locations, making it easier for you to choose your drop spot for your next game.

1. Tilted Towers

Tilted Towers is one of the OG locations in Fortnite, dating back to the game’s inception. It’s a widely recognized spot, even by those who haven’t played the game extensively. Positioned right in the center of the map, Tilted Towers offers players the flexibility to hot drop from various entry points and quickly converge on the location.

This central position contributed to its immense popularity, particularly among streamers. Furthermore, its location on the map made it easy to rotate to other points of interest (POIs), even on foot. Tilted Towers was known for its high-quality loot, making it a favorite spot for players looking for immediate combat. Although this location has evolved over the seasons, it has consistently remained one of the game’s most popular spots.

2. Pleasant Park

Pleasant Park, another iconic location on the OG Fortnite map, has always been a favorite among regular players. As the name suggests, it’s a peaceful suburban park with numerous houses, providing ample opportunities for players to hide, set up ambushes, or engage in direct combat. The location boasts a significant number of multi-story suburban houses, whether on the hills or in the two-story houses.

Loot spawns at Pleasant Park are moderate, with an advantage for early-landing players. You’ll find green and purple weapons scattered throughout the area, along with an abundance of support items. So, if you’re quick and fortunate, you can grab some great gear and continue your adventure on the OG map. Given the nostalgia factor, it’s no surprise that many players are choosing to drop here.

3. Greasy Grove

Greasy Grove is one of the favorite drop locations for many players. This suburban area features a restaurant and a variety of houses with loot and chests, making it an ideal spot for gearing up quickly. Originally, it was situated on a frozen lake and is naturally positioned in the left-side corner of the map, to the west of Shifty Shafts. Greasy Grove has undergone numerous changes over the years, and although it made a return in Season 10 of Fortnite, the layout of many structures has been altered.

Inside the houses in Greasy Grove, you’ll find a moderate amount of loot, and vending machines are available near the shops. Due to its location, it might take some time to explore the area on foot, but this can be easily overcome if you find a vehicle, or in this case, a shopping cart.

4. Shifty Shafts

If Greasy Grove doesn’t pique your interest, you might consider Shifty Shafts as an alternative on the Fortnite OG map. This mining outpost is situated a bit farther from the popular drop locations. Landing here typically means encountering fewer opponents immediately. It offers a wide variety of weapons and resources for you to scavenge, and since it’s not a heavily contested drop point, you can claim it for yourself.

Shifty Shafts has remained relatively unchanged over the years, and while it has undergone some alterations, its core layout has largely remained the same. For many Fortnite players, the return of this OG location will bring a nostalgic sense of nostalgia.

5. Dusty Depot

Dusty Depot may appear quite ordinary compared to the other locations mentioned. It consists of a three-building parking lot on the map, with an unassuming appearance. However, its strategic location makes it an excellent starting point for venturing into the action. You can seek refuge inside the parking lot to catch your breath amidst the chaos on the map. Due to its position, Dusty Depot has also become a popular drop location for players to start their adventures.

These are our top picks for original locations we’re excited to drop into on the Fortnite OG map. And, of course, don’t forget to show your appreciation to the bus driver, as always! Which OG location are you most eager to revisit on the old map? If you have any thoughts or comments to share, feel free to do so in the comments section below

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