12 Optimal Planets for Constructing Outposts in Starfield

Starfield is an expansive game featuring numerous solar systems and planets, all procedurally generated to offer unique terrain and missions for players. While the terrain and missions are distinct on each planet, the available resources remain consistent across all of them. This allows players to mine and utilize these resources to generate money is Starfield through outpost building. However, not all planets are created equal, and some offer more advantages for outpost construction. In this article, we will identify the 12 best Starfield planets that are ideal for establishing outposts.

These planets are highlighted for their geolocation and resource availability, making them popular choices among the Starfield community. If you’re aiming to quickly accumulate XP and wealth, these planets are worth considering for your outpost ventures.

Factors to Think About Before Constructing a Starfield Outpost

Now that you’re ready to embark on your outpost-building adventure in Starfield to earn XP and money, there are certain essential considerations to bear in mind. These guidelines are necessary due to restrictions imposed by Bethesda, although modders may eventually find ways to overcome these limitations and enhance the building experience.

Firstly, you can construct up to eight outposts on any given planet in Starfield. Beyond this limit, you will need to deactivate one of your existing outposts. Secondly, most advanced outpost building features are tied to specific skills. Unlocking the following four skills is crucial for creating superior structures and outposts, ensuring that you can establish the best possible outpost on each Starfield planet while also expanding your storage capacity.

  • Outpost Management under the Social skill tree.
  • Outpost Management under the Science skill tree.
  • Planetary Habitation under the Science skill tree.
  • Research Methods under the Science skill tree.

When selecting planets for your outposts, prioritize those rich in specific resources, with a particular emphasis on Aluminum and Lead. These two resources are essential for various purposes. Use your planetary scanner to identify planets with an abundance of these vital resources. The following planets in Starfield meet these criteria, making them excellent choices for establishing an outpost:

Prime Locations and Planets for Starfield Outposts

1. Kreet

System: Narion
Available Resources: Iron, Silver, Lead, Argon

Kreet, a rocky moon with low gravity, orbits the planet Anselon in the Narion star system. It serves as the first destination for players in the early stages of Starfield, and it features a Crimson Fleet-occupied research lab. Kreet offers an ideal temperature and hosts valuable resources such as Iron, Silver, Lead, and Argon.

For those seeking a planet that provides a well-rounded selection of essential resources, Kreet is an excellent choice for establishing your Starfield outpost, particularly in the early stages of the game.

2. Andraphon

System: Narion
Available Resources: Aluminum, Beryllium, Europium, Helium-3, Iron

Andraphon, a moon within the Narion star system, offers a temperate environment, making it an ideal location for exploration and resource gathering. This moon orbits the planet Sumati and boasts a variety of valuable resources, including Aluminium, Beryllium, Europium, Helium-3, and Iron.

For those who have established structures and understand the significance of resources like Aluminium and Iron, Andraphon presents an excellent opportunity to acquire more of these essential materials.

3. Cassiopeia I

System: Eta Cassiopeia
Available Resources: Water, Copper, Nickel, Chlorine, Fluorine, Cobalt

Cassiopeia I is a temperate rocky planet situated in the Eta Cassiopeia star system. This planet features a breathable atmosphere with standard O2 levels, eliminating the need for a spacesuit. Cassiopeia I offers a unique opportunity for exploration without life support gear.

Resource-wise, you can harvest Water, Chlorine, Copper, Nickel, Fluorine, and Cobalt on this planet if you decide to establish an outpost here. This makes it an attractive choice for resource gathering in Starfield.

4. Tau Ceti II

System: Tau Ceti
Available Resources: Water, Argon, Iron, Benzene, Alkanes

Tau Ceti, a rocky planet in the Tau Ceti star system, boasts a temperate climate. While its atmosphere contains a relatively low O2 concentration that might pose some breathing challenges, it’s not entirely inhospitable. The planet offers the opportunity to collect various valuable resources, including Water, Argon, Iron, Benzene, and Alkanes. Building an outpost here can be a rewarding endeavor in Starfield.

5. Eridani II

System: Eridani
Available Resources: Water, Chlorine, Gold, Copper, Fluorine, Nickel, Cobalt, Iron

Eridani 2, a rocky planet in the Eridani star system, offers a comfortable temperate climate and standard oxygen levels, making it suitable for human habitation. This planet is rich in a variety of valuable resources, including Water, Chlorine, Copper, Nickel, Iron, Fluorine, Cobalt, and Gold. Building an outpost here can provide you with an abundance of these essential resources in Starfield.

6. Leviathan IV

System: Leviathan
Available Resources: Water, Iron, Chlorine, Ytterbium, Aluminum, Copper, Fluorine

Leviathan IV, located in the Leviathan star system, boasts an atmosphere almost akin to Earth’s, providing a comfortable environment for exploration and breathing. This rocky planet is an ideal choice for establishing an outpost in Starfield, particularly due to its resource richness.

Leviathan IV offers resources such as Water, Chlorine, Aluminium, Copper, Iron, Fluorine, and Ytterbium. Among these, Aluminium, Copper, and Iron are highly valuable resources, making it an excellent location to set up an outpost for easy access to these essential materials.

7. Linnaeus IV-b

System: Linnaeus
Available Resources: Water, Iron, Helium-3, Ytterbium, Aluminum, Lead, Alkanes, Beryllium

Linnaeus IV-b, situated in the Linnaeus star system, is the moon of Linnaeus IV. Despite its thin atmosphere, it boasts a temperate temperature, making it a comfortable location for exploration. Moreover, this moon offers a plethora of valuable resources, including Water, Helium-3, Aluminum, Iron, Lead, Beryllium, Alkanes, and Ytterbium.

Linnaeus IV-b is among the select planets that provide an abundance of essential resources for crafting in Starfield, making it an ideal choice for establishing an outpost base.

8. Maheo II

System: Maheo
Available Resources: Water, Ytterbium, Helium-3, Lead, Copper, Iron, Tetrafluorides, Alkanes,

Maheo II is a frozen planet situated within the Maheo star system. Although you can’t breathe on the surface without a helmet due to the Nitrogen in the atmosphere, the planet offers valuable resources. Maheo II features standard resources like Water, Helium-3, Alkanes, Copper, Lead, and Iron . Furthermore, it boasts two resources that are typically rare among local planets: Tetrafluorides and Ytterbium. These unique resources make it an attractive choice for establishing an outpost in Starfield.

9. Callisto

System: Sol
Available Resources: Helium-3, Iron

Callisto, a moon of Jupiter within the Sol system, is renowned not only in the realm of space exploration but also in the domain of video games, with particular mention of the Krafton-published title “Callisto Protocol.” Although this frozen planet lacks a breathable atmosphere, it is a prized resource for mining Helium-3 and Iron in Starfield.

If you’re looking to establish outposts on accessible planets, consider aiming for Callisto in our solar system, especially if you’re interested in gathering Helium-3 for various upgrades. Just be sure to learn how to treat lung damage in Starfield, as the lack of a breathable atmosphere can pose health risks to explorers.

10. Zamka

System: Alpha Centauri System
Available Resources: Water, Iron, Helium-3, Nickel, Copper, Vanadium, Uranium, Cobalt

Zamka, situated in the Alpha Centauri System as the moon of the planet Olivas, is a frozen world with an inhospitable atmosphere and uncomfortable temperatures. Despite these challenges, Zamka stands out as one of the few easily accessible planets in Starfield’s star systems with a wealth of available resources.

By establishing a base here, you can mine a variety of valuable resources, including Water, Helium-3, Copper, Nickel, Iron, Uranium, Cobalt, and Vanadium. These resources make it a compelling choice for an outpost location.

11. Procyon IV

System: Procyon A
Available Resources: Water, Nickel, Uranium, Cobalt

Procyon IV, located in the Procyon system, is a frigid planet characterized by a high concentration of Nitrogen in its atmosphere, rendering it inhospitable for humans. However, after receiving several recommendations from our readers, I decided to investigate its resource potential.

Procyon IV indeed stands out as an excellent planet choice for several reasons. First and foremost, it boasts an abundance of four essential minerals required for crafting building materials and resources. Secondly, the planet features multiple areas where these resources overlap, streamlining the process of building an outpost and efficient resource mining.

12. Jaffa III

System: Jaffa
Available Resources: Chlorine, Uranium, Water, Plutonium, Copper, Iridium, Vanadium, Chlorosilanes,

Jaffa III is a rocky planet characterized by cold temperatures but boasts a high O2 concentration in the atmosphere, making it a unique off-beat destination for establishing an outpost. When it comes to resources, Jaffa III offers a range of rare minerals for production. In addition to the more common resources like Water, Copper, and Iridium, you’ll find Plutonium, Chlorosilanes, and Vanadium here. If you’re in search of a planet rich in these less common resources for your production needs, Jaffa III is an excellent choice.

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