10 Best Roblox Games for Group Play in 2024

Since the onset of the pandemic, the popularity of game nights has soared, especially among groups of players. Even in 2024, many individuals still find it challenging to discover the perfect game to enjoy with their entire crew. Fortunately, your search concludes here. We’ve identified the top Roblox games that offer unique content, free private servers, and hours of entertainment when playing with friends. Let’s delve into the best Roblox games for group play online.

Note: Roblox multiplayer games are typically open to all players by default. If you wish to exclusively play with your friends, you'll need to create private servers. While these servers are free for some games, others may incur a cost of up to 200 Robux. The cost and store link for such servers are mentioned below.

1. Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is tailor-made for your friends who have a penchant for Roblox anime games. Drawing heavy inspiration from One Piece and various other popular anime titles, the game unfolds in a world where special fruits grant supernatural abilities to their users.

Embark on an oceanic adventure, explore islands, and engage in battles against enemies to collect these unique fruits and unveil the hidden secrets of this captivating world. For those not inclined towards relying on magical powers, Blox Fruits also boasts a robust sword combat system.

With a primary focus on combat, players strive to become either master swordsmen or skilled fruit users within the server. Yet, not everyone is prepared to take on the challenge. The question is, are you? Dive into this game and make the most of Blox Fruits codes to unlock free rewards along the way.

Play Blox Fruits (200 Robux)

2. Brookhaven RP

Unlike many Roblox multiplayer games that thrive on having an existing group of friends, Brookhaven stands out as an excellent choice for solo players. It provides an ideal setting for individuals looking to forge new friendships on Roblox and also caters to groups seeking an alternative to conventional games.

Brookhaven immerses players in a roleplay world where everyone can enjoy driving premium vehicles and residing in extraordinary houses. With over 1 million active players, the experience is akin to living in the Metaverse, making Brookhaven a versatile and engaging platform for both solo adventurers and groups looking to break away from the norm.

Play Brookhaven (100 Robux)

3. Survive the Killer

Survive the Killer stands out as the ultimate hide-and-seek Roblox horror game to enjoy with friends, bearing similarities to Friday The 13th while incorporating its unique mechanics and graphical style. As a survivor, your objective is to hide from the killer, safeguard your friends, and accomplish tasks to secure a group escape. On the flip side, the killer’s goal is to eliminate as many people as possible before the timer expires or the survivors manage to flee.

In this game, the identity of the killer is always someone known to you, turning it into a strategic battle of wits, bluffs, and numerous false alarms. While victory is achievable with just one player successfully escaping, the game encourages group survival and keeps players on their toes with clever tricks against the pursuing killer.

Play Survive the Killer! (100 Robux)

4. Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 secures its spot as one of the most enjoyable Roblox games on this compilation. Drawing parallels to the widely popular game Among Us, it revolves around the dynamics of innocents and suspects. In Murder Mystery 2, players have the opportunity to craft their character, deck out in skins, and amass coins while desperately evading potential peril.

The game’s brevity ensures a quick setup and initiation, allowing players to dive right into the action. At the onset, participants are assigned roles as either innocent, murderer, or sheriff.

The rules of the game are straightforward: innocents strive to survive the round, murderers aim to eliminate everyone, and sheriffs are tasked with neutralizing the murderer. If you’re in the mood for a swift and entertaining experience, this game, priced at just 10 Robux, is definitely worth a play.

Play Murder Mystery 2 (10 Robux)

5. Jailbreak

True to its name, this Roblox game unfolds the classic cops vs robbers scenario for an engaging experience with friends. Players can assume the role of either the criminal or the law enforcement officer. Criminals aim to loot locations and evade the police, while cops strive to apprehend criminals and secure them behind bars. Jailbreak distinguishes itself from typical combat-only games by incorporating heist mechanics and offering a variety of vehicles, including helicopters and even a trading system.

Play Jailbreak (200 Robux)

6. Adopt Me

With a staggering 80,000 daily active players, Adopt Me stands out as one of the most popular games on the Roblox platform. As a player, you find yourself in a world teeming with adorable animals that you can adopt and nurture alongside your friends. The game offers the unique feature of creating personalized homes for your pets, and your Roblox buddies can partake in role-playing as fellow pet owners, even exploring various pet-related jobs. Serving as a utopia for animal enthusiasts, Adopt Me also introduces themed updates, presenting a diverse array of fictional pets, including the latest addition, Puss in Boots. Even in 2024, the game maintains its appeal, enticing players to collect legendary pets through the use of Robux.

Play Adopt Me (Free)

7. BedWars

Among the plethora of Minecraft servers, Bedwars stands out as one of the most beloved game modes, and now, it has made its debut on Roblox with significant enhancements. In BedWars, the objective is to safeguard your base, which doubles as your respawn point. Should your base succumb to destruction, your in-game demise becomes permanent. As a result, the ultimate victor is the last player standing with an intact base.

This Roblox game pays homage to its Minecraft inspiration by utilizing blocks to construct structures. However, it sets itself apart by offering a diverse array of potent weapons, including vehicles for assaulting enemy bases. Additionally, BedWars incorporates other popular multiplayer modes from Minecraft, such as SkyWars and Lucky Blocks, ensuring prolonged entertainment for players invested in this engaging world.

Play BedWars (Free)

8. Driving Empire

Driving Empire offers an endless racing experience in the realm of Roblox for you and your friends. With a staggering selection of over 250 vehicles, each customizable to match your unique style, everyone in your group can find a vehicle that suits their preferences. The expansive world of the game provides ample opportunities to drive around and secure rewards.

Yet, the challenge is not as simple as it may seem. The game incorporates a simulation of real-world mechanics, requiring players to hone their skills in controlling powerful vehicles. However, for those familiar with racing games, most racing cars will naturally align with your playstyle, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the adrenaline-fueled experience.

Play Driving Empire (Free)

9. All of Us Are Dead

No comprehensive multiplayer game list is truly complete without a zombie-themed entry, and our addition to this trend hails from the captivating world of Kdramas. All of Us Are Dead, both a popular Kdrama title and a Roblox game inspired by the show, immerses you and your friends in the role of high school students trapped in an infected world where even your classmates have succumbed to zombification.

To navigate this perilous setting, you must collect resources, craft weapons, and evade zombies until you reach the city’s border. The game masterfully blends elements of horror and excitement, keeping players on the edge of their seats throughout the gripping storyline. It’s an ideal choice for zombie game enthusiasts, particularly fans of the Kdrama eagerly anticipating the second season.

Play All of Us Are Dead (200 Robux)

10. Rainbow Friends

This Roblox game kicks off with a seemingly innocent field trip with you and your friends. However, the tranquility is soon shattered as the Rainbow Friends, initially appearing harmless, express a desire to join the excursion. Despite the facade of a children’s world, Rainbow Friends is, in fact, a popular horror game that transforms what started as an innocent trip into a nightmarish experience.

Players must navigate the terrifying scenario by running, hiding, and attempting to escape these deceptive monsters. The challenge proves to be much more formidable than anticipated, serving as a stark reminder not to place trust in these seemingly benign toy companions.

Play Rainbow Friends (Free)

With that, it’s time to rally your friends and delve into the myriad of top-notch multiplayer games that Roblox has to offer. Ensure your Roblox character is uniquely customized to make a distinctive mark before immersing yourself in the excitement of gaming with your friends. As you embark on this gaming journey, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. Let us know if this list was helpful and feel free to contribute any additional suggestions you may have to enhance this gaming roster.

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