10 Best Greats word in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, a plethora of weapons awaits, ensuring compatibility with diverse playstyles. Among the beloved arsenal like staves and daggers, the Greatswords stand out for their efficacy in strength builds. Yet, amidst the abundance of greatswords within the game, selecting the ideal one proves to be a formidable task. For those seeking the premier Elden Ring greatsword in the Lands Between, join me as I unveil the details.

Blasphemous Blade

Requirements: 22 Strength, 15 Dexterity, and 21 Faith

My first choice in the Elden Ring Greatsword selection is the Blasphemous Blade, acquired after thorough exploration of the world. This weapon is obtained by vanquishing Rykard, the Lord of Blasphemy, an optional boss found at Volcano Manor. I’ve selected this greatsword for its valuable Taker’s Flame effect, which proves highly advantageous in various scenarios. Providing 30 FP, it heals you for 10% of maximum HP and grants 150 flat HP upon hitting enemies, while its weapon skill sets foes ablaze. The reasons for placing this weapon at the pinnacle of the best Elden Ring greatswords are evident.

Darkmoon Greatsword

Equip Requirement: 16 Strength, 11 Dexterity, 38 Intelligence

Traditionally, every FromSoftware game features a Moonlight Greatsword in some capacity, and Elden Ring upholds this trend by offering players one of the finest intelligence-based weapons. Obtaining the Darkmoon Greatsword demands considerable effort: you must locate Ranni by defeating the Caria Manor boss Loretta and meeting her at Ranni’s Rise. Subsequently, vanquishing General Radahn at Caelid grants access to an underground area and sets the stage for the following steps. The dedicated pursuit of the Darkmoon Greatsword in Elden Ring justifies the labor invested. This weapon’s magical strikes deliver substantial impact, offering the dual benefit of inflicting physical and magical damage. On your next expedition, be sure to consider this Elden Ring greatsword.

Banished Knight Greatsword

Equip Requirement: 17 Strength, 9 Dexterity

By consistently eliminating the Banished knights scattered throughout Elden Ring, you can acquire one of the game’s superior weapons, the Banished Greatsword, exclusively dropped by the knights who wield it. Despite its simplicity, this weapon stands out as one of the premier starter greatswords in Elden Ring. The Banished Knight’s Greatsword proves ideal for initial strength progression, delivering significant damage, scaling effectively even into the late game, and serving as a versatile weapon choice. I utilized this greatsword until the mid-game before transitioning to a dexterity-focused build utilizing a Larval Tear. However, before making that transition, consider testing out this Elden Ring greatsword!

Ordovis’s Greatsword

Equip Requirement: 25 Strength, 13 Dexterity, 15 Faith

Upon your initial arrival at Leyndell, a dungeon nestled at the castle’s base awaits you in the vast expanse of Elden Ring. Within this dungeon reside two formidable Crucible Knights whose defeat rewards you with one of the most exceptional faith-based swords in the game, Ordovis’s Greatsword.

This inclusion on my list is predicated on its unparalleled attack potency relative to other infused greatswords. Ordovis’s Greatsword boasts a formidable 25% holy damage output. Moreover, the devastating power of Ordovis’s Vortex renders it a weapon of choice against tough adversaries, particularly in boss encounters. Hence, when facing a boss susceptible to holy damage and proving challenging to vanquish with conventional Greatswords, wielding this blade could prove pivotal.


Equip Requirement: 16 Strength, 13 Dexterity

Claymore tends to be undervalued by many, yet I firmly place it among the top-tier Elden Ring greatswords for good reason! This weapon can be obtained from a chest located in Castle Morne, easily noticeable within a room where several Misbegotten gather closely.

Claymore proves itself as an incredibly versatile tool within the Elden Ring realm. With moderate usage prerequisites, early access to Lion’s Claw, and a commendable reach with the R2 attack, it stands as a reliable choice for solo gameplay. However, its lackluster performance in PvP settings is something to consider, making it more suited for single-player endeavors.

Knight’s Greatsword

Equip Requirement: 16 Strength, 12 Dexterity

A noteworthy alternative to the Banished Knight’s Greatsword is the Knight’s Greatsword, a more accessible option for aspiring wielders. Obtaining this weapon is relatively straightforward compared to its Banished counterpart, with acquisition possible as you progress through the realms of Limgrave or Liurnia of the Lakes during your initial hours in the game.

In terms of functionality, the Knight’s Greatsword operates as a standard weapon, scaling effectively with both strength and dexterity attributes. Unlike the Banished Knight’s Greatsword, a slightly higher investment in Dexterity is required. Once the necessary statistics are met, this weapon proves to be a dependable choice until a superior Greatsword is found.

Sword of Milos

Equip Requirement: 15 Strength, 19 Dexterity

Throughout my exploration of Elden Ring, one recurring theme stands out – the journey to acquire certain weapons can be an adventure in itself. An exemplary instance of this is the Sword of Milos, a remarkable greatsword reminiscent of the essence of an edgy death metal ballad. To obtain this weapon, completion of the Dung Eater subquest is imperative. Subsequently, a showdown awaits you with this formidable greatsword as the ultimate prize in the moat outside the capital.

The Sword of Milos proves to be a formidable weapon with robust scaling aligned with strength and agility builds. If your character focuses on Strength and Agility, it is highly recommended to secure this weapon, provided you are willing to undertake the entirety of the Dung Eater quest. Beyond its scaling attributes, this blade inflicts 100% physical damage, induces bleeding upon impact, and replenishes 5 FP per slain foe. Its benefits are more pronounced for those venturing into NG+ caliber gameplay experiences.

Helphen’s Steeple

Equip Requirement: 19 Strength, 10 Dexterity, 22 Intelligence

If you seek the allure of magic weaponry without the fuss of acquiring the Darkmoon Greatsword, Helphen’s Steeple presents itself as a viable option. Locate this weapon by defeating a Tibia Mariner positioned midway between Castle Sol and Snow Valley Ruins, notably found at the graveyard outside Castle Sol.

While Helphen’s Steeple may pale in comparison to superior magic greatswords like the Darkmoon Greatsword, it serves as an ideal magic-based weapon within the 35-40 Intelligence range until a more fitting alternative aligns with your playstyle. Noteworthy for its considerable strength-based damage output, this Elden Ring greatsword stands as a solid choice for those in need of a reliable strength weapon.

Lordsworn’s Greatsword

Equip Requirement: 16 Strength, 10 Dexterity

Among the lightweight greatswords within Elden Ring, Lordsworn’s Greatsword stands as the initial true greatsword discovery in the realm. Housed within a chest at Gatefront Ruins, this weapon offers players a chance to familiarize themselves before committing to stat development.

While possessing a notable high critical rating among greatswords and a modest usage requirement, Lordsworn’s Greatsword lacks substantial scaling in the mid to late game and fails to synergize effectively with infusions. Best suited for exploring greatsword gameplay dynamics, this weapon aids in making well-informed decisions about future weapon choices.

Marais Executioner’s Sword

Equip Requirement: 24 Strength, 14 Dexterity, 23 Arcane

A contender for one of the most intriguing bosses in Elden Ring resides at The Shaded Castle within Altus Plateau – Elmer of the Briar. This formidable boss wields the Marais Executioner’s Sword, a magical greatsword, alongside Eochaid’s Dancing Blade, a premier weapon skill renowned for its combat prowess against bosses and adversaries throughout the game.

However, the notable drawback of acquiring this weapon lies in its exorbitant usage prerequisites, surpassing the typical standards for greatswords in Elden Ring. Moreover, the demanding Strength and Arcane requirements pose a challenge, as these attributes do not harmonize seamlessly. Players must develop a character build tailored to wield this powerful weapon effectively.

These esteemed greatswords in Elden Ring offer diverse playstyle options for players. Which of these Elden Ring greatswords resonates with you most? Share your preferences in the comments below!

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