Black Friday Deals 2023 for Google Pixel: Pixel 8, Pixel Watch & More

As Black Friday approaches, it’s prime time to indulge in shopping for your favorite gadgets at discounted rates, isn’t it? Often, there are items we desire but hesitate to purchase due to their initial launch prices (hint: Google). The price of Google’s Pixel devices has notably dropped, making it the opportune moment to seize that sleek Pixel phone or accessory. In this guide, let’s explore all the Google Pixel Black Friday deals available in 2023.

Google Pixel 8 Pro Deal

During Black Friday, Google’s recently launched flagship smartphones, the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, are receiving discounts. The Pixel 8 Pro, introduced by Google last month, has proven to be one of the most successful Pixel launches to date.

For those considering purchasing the Pixel 8 Pro, now is an opportune moment as Best Buy offers an impressive $200 discount. This reduction slashes the price of the base 8 Pro from $1,000 to $800, presenting a fantastic deal.

The $200 discount applies to all storage variants. If 128GB doesn’t suffice for your requirements, the 256GB and 512GB versions are available for $859 and $979, respectively, down from $1,059 and $1,179.

Purchase on Best Buy for $799.99, marked down from $999.99 (20% off).

Google Pixel 8 Deal

During this Black Friday sale, the Google Pixel 8 also receives a substantial price reduction, featuring a flat $150 discount across all models. This discount positions the device as one of the top small-screened flagship devices currently available.

Upon its launch, the Pixel 8 was priced at $699 for the base 128GB variant and $759 for the 256GB model. Thanks to the Pixel Black Friday deal on Best Buy, you can now purchase the base variant for $549 and the 256GB variant for $609.

Purchase on Best Buy for $549.99, reduced from $699.99 (21% off).

Pixel 7a Deal

Renowned as the finest budget Pixel device to date, the Google Pixel 7a’s Black Friday deal elevates its appeal further, particularly for individuals seeking a budget-friendly Android device.

Initially priced at $500 upon its launch approximately a year ago, the Black Friday sale offers an impressive $125 discount, reducing the price to $374. This markdown positions it as potentially the top choice among budget Android devices available.

Purchase on Best Buy for $374.99, marked down from $499.99 (25% off).

Pixel Fold Deal

Undoubtedly, Google’s initial endeavor into the realm of foldable devices faced some challenges, being considered somewhat unsuccessful. Alongside the thicker bezels that garnered criticism, the device’s high price during its launch left many disappointed.

However, for those still interested in purchasing the Pixel Fold, Best Buy is currently presenting a substantial $400 discount on its retail price in the ongoing Black Friday sale. This reduction drops its price from $1,800 to $1,400.

Purchase on Best Buy for $1,399.99, reduced from $1,799.99 (22% off).

Pixel Buds Pro Deal

The Pixel Buds Pro are essentially the AirPods equivalent for Android devices. Personally, owning a pair has been a positive experience, particularly regarding sound quality. While the active noise cancellation (ANC) could have been improved, the range of features, compact design, and build quality make them a worthwhile investment.

Recently, Google rolled out a significant update to the Buds Pro, introducing various Hearing Wellbeing features in addition to expanding their color range. Normally priced at $200, they’re currently available for an effective price of $119 during the Black Friday sale on Best Buy. These buds come in six different colors.

Purchase on Best Buy for $119.99, down from $199.99 (40% off).

Pixel Buds A Deal

Similar to the “A” series of Pixel devices, Pixel Buds A are the budget-friendly versions of Pixel Buds. Unlike the Pixel Buds Pro, they lack features like ANC and the latest software enhancements such as Hearing Wellness. They are a significantly scaled-down version of the Pro, priced at $60 during the sale compared to their regular price of $100.

Purchase on Best Buy for $59.99, reduced from $99.99 (40% off).

Pixel Watch Deal

Although it’s disappointing that the newly launched Pixel 8 series phones are receiving price cuts while the latest Pixel Watch 2 isn’t, the first-generation Pixel Watch is indeed seeing a reduction in price for both its LTE and Bluetooth models. Throughout the Black Friday sale, the Bluetooth model of the Pixel Watch will be available for $200, and the LTE model for $250. This marks an $80 flat discount.

Purchase on Best Buy for $199.99, down from $279.99 (29% off).

Pixel Tablet Deal

Google’s inaugural tablet, the Pixel Tablet, initially debuted earlier this year at Google I/O 2023 with a price tag of $500. Now, during the Black Friday sale, all variants of the Pixel Tablet are available for $400, marking a substantial discount of $100. Accompanied by a dock that also functions as a speaker, the Pixel Tablet is an excellent addition to any home setup.

Purchase on Best Buy for $399.99, reduced from $499.99 (20% off).

And that concludes the roundup of the best Pixel device deals this Black Friday. Share your thoughts or which device you’re planning to purchase in the comments section below!

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