ChatGPT Plugin in ONLYOFFICE: Enhance Your Document Processing and Collaboration

ONLYOFFICE, renowned as one of the premier online office suites, has recently integrated native ChatGPT capabilities. This updated ChatGPT plugin offers a range of powerful features, including text and image generation, text translation and summarization, keyword generation, and more. If you have integrated AI into your workflow and use multiple applications, ONLYOFFICE is the ideal solution for you. It offers all the AI features you need in a document editor. Furthermore, the ChatGPT Plugin is also accessible in the cloud through ONLYOFFICE DocSpace. To gain a deeper understanding of the various applications of the ChatGPT plugin in ONLYOFFICE, please refer to our comprehensive explainer.

Incorporating AI Capabilities into ONLYOFFICE

1. Content Generation with ChatGPT

The updated ChatGPT plugin in ONLYOFFICE empowers you to create text directly within the editor. This special plugin allows you to input custom requests to ChatGPT and receive instant output directly in the editor. For instance, you can utilize the “Custom requestfeature to ask ChatGPT to generate a fictional story about the moon. In just a few seconds, the AI chatbot can produce an engaging story about Luna and her connection with the moon.

This is just a demonstration of the plugin’s capacity to generate a wide range of text, whether it’s fictional stories, emails, letters, blogs, ad copy, or other types of content. With the text generation feature in ONLYOFFICE DocSpace, you no longer need to rely on third-party services to create text. The plugin streamlines the process, enabling you to effortlessly generate fresh content for various purposes directly within the editor.

2. Text Summarization with ChatGPT

The ChatGPT plugin in ONLYOFFICE offers various utilities, and one of its standout features is text summarization. You can easily select a paragraph or the entire text, right-click on it, and instruct ChatGPT to analyze the text and generate a summary at the bottom. This feature is particularly useful when working with lengthy and complex documents, as it allows you to quickly grasp the content without the need for in-depth reading.

In a practical test, I selected multiple paragraphs and used ChatGPT to summarize the text with just a few clicks. This feature not only saved me a considerable amount of time but also allowed me to allocate my efforts to other critical tasks that require manual editing. Thus, from text generation to text summarization, ONLYOFFICE DocSpace equips you with a comprehensive set of AI features.

3. Generate Keywords with ChatGPT

The AI-powered feature in ONLYOFFICE is a real boon for individuals who create content for blogs, ad copies, social media posts, and more. It allows you to write or generate content with the assistance of AI and then select the entire text to generate customized keywords. This functionality can significantly enhance your online visibility by facilitating keyword targeting and other SEO-related optimizations.

It’s evident that ONLYOFFICE has incorporated these intelligent ChatGPT-powered features to transform the editor into a comprehensive solution for writers, marketers, social media influencers, and a wide range of content creators.

4. Use AI to Explain Words and Phrases

ONLYOFFICE DocSpace, known for its exceptional collaboration features, is a popular choice among many users. While working on a document with multiple collaborators, there may be a need to provide explanations for specific words, phrases, or paragraphs. To streamline this process, ONLYOFFICE has introduced an AI-powered “Word analysisfeature that automatically identifies the meaning of a word or phrase and adds it as a comment. This feature simplifies the task of finding explanations and definitions, saving other users from the manual effort of searching for them.

What’s particularly impressive is that you have the flexibility to edit the generated comment and include additional information if necessary. Additionally, you can insert an explanation or the word’s meaning as a hyperlink. This allows users to click on the hyperlink to access the word’s definition on the web, further enhancing the document’s comprehensibility.

5. ChatGPT-Powered Text Translation

ONLYOFFICE has seamlessly integrated an AI-powered translation tool within the ChatGPT plugin. While it currently offers translation support for only two languages, namely French and German, it’s reasonable to expect that additional languages will be added in the future. Despite the current limitations, this feature works effectively in ONLYOFFICE, thanks to the ChatGPT plugin.

Using this feature is straightforward: simply select a paragraph, right-click on it, and choose to translate the text into either French or German. The remarkable part is that it automatically substitutes the original text with the translated version. With the ONLYOFFICE editor, you can create content in one language and easily republish it in multiple languages, streamlining the translation process.

6. Integrated AI Thesaurus

The ChatGPT plugin integrated into ONLYOFFICE also includes an AI-powered Thesaurus, which is notably effective. To access this feature, you can simply position your cursor on any word, right-click on it, and the ChatGPT plugin will promptly provide a list of synonyms.

What sets this Thesaurus apart is its ability to tailor the synonyms to the specific context of the text, ensuring that the suggested word replacements are relevant and appropriate. This feature proves invaluable in making your text more engaging, fresh, and less repetitive, ultimately enhancing the quality of your content.

7. AI-Powered Image Generation

One of the most intriguing features of the new ChatGPT plugin in ONLYOFFICE is its ability to generate images using AI right within the editor, and this can be achieved without the need for special prompts. The process is simple: select the text or a specific paragraph, and the AI will automatically process the content to create an image based on contextual understanding.

What’s particularly interesting is the quality and resolution of the generated images. While it can create images with resolutions as high as 1024 x 1024, a more suitable choice for seamless integration into the editor is 512 x 512. You can even opt for a smaller size, such as 256 x 256, depending on your needs.

The speed at which this image generation occurs is also quite impressive. Unlike other AI image generators, this integrated plugin takes just a few seconds to process the image right within the ONLYOFFICE editor.

It’s worth noting that ONLYOFFICE has not disclosed the specific model it’s using for image generation, but it’s highly likely that it’s based on OpenAI’s DALL·E or DALL·E 2. Overall, the generated images are of high quality and demonstrate a remarkable ability to understand even abstract textual descriptions.

8. AI-Enhanced Information Lookup

When conducting research on a new topic, the usual approach involves opening a web browser or a chatbot to search for relevant information. However, with the ChatGPT plugin integrated into ONLYOFFICE DocSpace, this conventional method is no longer necessary. The plugin allows you to engage in a chat with ChatGPT directly within the editor itself. Simply right-click, start a chat with ChatGPT, and inquire about any subject you’re researching.

The primary goal behind this feature is to maximize user efficiency by saving time. You can input your query, and the plugin will promptly provide you with a relevant response. This eliminates the need to switch to a separate web browser or chat application for quick information lookup. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the AI model used by ChatGPT within this context is trained up to September 2021, so you might not always find the very latest information.

9. Code Writing with ChatGPT

Many users employ ONLYOFFICE to create code documentation for various programming languages, and in this context, the ChatGPT plugin proves to be a valuable asset. It assists in swiftly generating code demos and code samples with efficiency.

To utilize this feature, open the context menu and navigate to ChatGPT -> Custom request. In this section, you can request ChatGPT to generate code, and it will promptly insert the relevant code snippet into the editor, saving you time and effort in the code documentation process.

Installing the ChatGPT Plugin in ONLYOFFICE

To start using the ChatGPT plugin in ONLYOFFICE, follow these steps:

  • Obtain the OpenAI API key from here. New users receive $5 worth of free tokens, which can be used for API access. Once exhausted, you will need to pay for additional tokens.

  • Open ONLYOFFICE and navigate to the “Plugins” tab. This applies to both the desktop and cloud versions, including ONLYOFFICE DocSpace.
  • Within the “Plugins” tab, click on “Plugin Manager.

  • In the “Plugin Manager,” search for “ChatGPT” and proceed to install it.

  • After installation, right-click in the editor to open the context menu.
  • From the context menu, go to “ChatGPT” and then select “Settings.”

  • In the settings, paste the OpenAI API key and click “Save.”

  • You can now begin using the ChatGPT plugin in ONLYOFFICE directly from the context menu for various AI-powered tasks.

ONLYOFFICE DocSpace: Pricing and Subscription Tiers

Yes, ONLYOFFICE offers a free desktop version and allows free use of its plugin features. The cloud version, ONLYOFFICE DocSpace, provides free access to startups but with limitations on the number of administrators and power users. If you need more advanced features and capabilities with no restrictions, you can subscribe to the Business plan, which is priced at $15 per admin per user. This pricing model allows businesses to access the full range of features offered by ONLYOFFICE DocSpace.

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