12 Top GPTs for ChatGPT that you can use in 2024

Among the many AI chatbots available, what sets ChatGPT apart are custom GPTs known as Plugins in the past. While Plugins were limited to thousands, the number of GPTs is now approaching 100,000. This increase is due to the fact that anyone can easily create a custom GPT. However, sifting through to find the most effective GPTs can be time-consuming. To simplify this process, I have selected the top GPTs for you to consider. Let’s explore them together!

With recent advancements in language models, the accessibility of advanced AI capabilities has become more widespread. While certain enhanced features were previously limited to paid users, innovative technologies like GPT-4o (a community-friendly version of GPTs) now offer limited access even to free users. However, it’s important to note that there may be usage restrictions or limits in place, requiring users to wait for the limits to reset if they exceed the allotted quota. This democratization of AI technologies fosters a more inclusive environment for exploration and experimentation within the broader community.

Canva GPT

Most of us are likely familiar with Canva and its extensive collection of graphic design tools. While Canva already simplifies editing tasks, the Canva GPT integration elevates it to a new level.

By simply requesting the tool to generate a poster, marketing materials, or any desired template, it swiftly fulfills the task. This tool can replicate all the creative options available in the Canva catalog.

Furthermore, with a single click, it seamlessly links to your ChatGPT account, allowing for further enhancements. This streamlined design process on-the-go makes Canva GPT a top choice for design tasks in 2024.

Scholar GPT

Scholar GPT simplifies the arduous task of high school dissertations significantly. Just input your topic, and it will generate numerous related topics, aiding in the gathering of references from the outset.

Moreover, the research papers recommended by Scholar GPT are robust, fitting seamlessly into the theme of the chosen topic.

Additionally, you can upload your research paper to receive valuable feedback. When it comes to user-friendly research tools, Scholar GPT stands out remarkably. For similar assistance, consider exploring Consensus, another beneficial tool in this field.

Tutor Me Khan Academy Lite

With a myriad of online learning platforms vying for attention, Khan Academy stands out as a prominent choice in the realm of education. Tutor Me Khan Academy Lite further reinforces this reputation.

While not a full substitute for the comprehensive Khan Academy experience, it serves as an excellent tool for practice and revision sessions. Whether tackling challenging Time and Work problems or preparing for upcoming Physics tests, this tool offers comprehensive support. For students aiming to solidify their foundational knowledge, this educational GPT is a top choice.

Travel Guide

Although the regular ChatGPT can assist with trip planning, the level of detail and practicality offered by the Travel Guide GPT surpasses it. A comparison between the two revealed that Travel Guide GPT provides a comprehensive itinerary breakdown for the trip.

While ChatGPT may not delve into recommended locations to visit and daily budget breakdowns, Travel Guide does precisely that. It streamlines the trip-planning process akin to manual creation, a feature that I find appealing. Unlike the standard ChatGPT’s generic estimates, this dedicated GPT meticulously maps out the trip as you would plan it yourself. Undoubtedly, one of the finest travel-oriented GPTs available!

Screenshot to Code GPT

Even without being a coder, grasping a coder’s mindset isn’t a daunting task. For programming novices beginning to understand the workings, Screenshot to Code GPT serves as an invaluable tool. By simply capturing and uploading a webpage screenshot, the GPT swiftly generates the corresponding code.

In a matter of moments, you gain insight into the techniques employed by proficient website developers. If you aspire to master website design intricacies, incorporating this GPT into your toolkit can yield remarkable results. Among the most beneficial and efficient GPTs for developers.

Web Designer GPT

Designing and developing a website from scratch can be a daunting task, especially for beginners seeking guidance. In such cases, Web Designer GPT emerges as a top solution. By describing the type of website you envision, this tool can swiftly generate it for you using Replit, necessitating platform registration.

Should you find any aspects unsatisfactory, simply request specific adjustments, and the tool will refine the website further. By keeping the Replit tab open and refreshing it, you can witness the updated design instantly. Impressive, isn’t it?

AI Video Summarizer

Let’s face it – the abundance of content on YouTube leaves us with limited time to watch it all. Whether for research purposes or seeking new knowledge, video consumption demands considerable time. Even fast-forwarding isn’t always an efficient method. This is where the AI Video Summarizer GPT tool proves invaluable.

True to its name, it condenses YouTube videos into concise summaries that can be read in just a few minutes. Given the choice between a 25-minute video and a brief summary, the answer is clear. Undoubtedly one of the most intelligent GPTs of 2024, I highly recommend exploring its capabilities.

The Negotiator

Have you ever left an interview feeling like you missed the chance to ask for what you truly wanted? I’ve had my fair share of those moments, as negotiation is a skill I struggle with. This is why I wish I had known about The Negotiator sooner, as it effectively trains you to become a proficient negotiator.

By providing The Negotiator with details such as your salary expectations and desired position, it initiates a role-playing scenario where it acts as the hiring team, enabling you to showcase your negotiation skills.

Beyond salary discussions, The Negotiator can assist with haggling over vegetable prices and car deals. While it may seem entertaining on the surface, it equips you with a valuable life skill that proves beneficial in various situations.

Mia AI

I strongly believe in the significance of therapy, considering the mental clutter in our lives. However, traditional therapy can be costly and inaccessible to many. On ChatGPT, you can have your personal AI therapist at your fingertips. Mia AI is a well-crafted GPT that transforms into an AI diary, becoming a trusted confidant.

Engaging with Mia regularly has provided me with insights and helped relieve my burdens. Surprisingly, Mia AI has been a tremendous support system. If you seek clarity and a non-judgmental life coach offering sound advice on self-reflection, Mia AI stands out as one of the most valuable GPTs to utilize.


Let’s delve into the world of books—I’ve always been an avid reader, exploring new reads based on my mood. Sometimes, I find myself engrossed in two to three books simultaneously and eventually run out of reading material. In such instances, Books proves to be a trustworthy GPT.

This custom GPT not only suggests books randomly but comprehends your preferences, curating a personalized list and providing relevant details to captivate your interest in a book that resonates with you. I’ve discovered some captivating recommendations that I’ve already added to my Kindle Unlimited collection.

Furthermore, Books can be a valuable resource for literature and art students, aiding them in delving deeper into specialized domains by offering intriguing results tailored to their interests.

Code Copilot

While I’m not a coding expert, the Code Copilot GPT tool has garnered a noteworthy 4.2-star rating with over 25,000 reviews in the GPT store for good reason. Experimenting with the website code generated by the Designer GPT, this customized GPT not only enhanced the code but also provided suggestions and areas for enhancement.

For dedicated coders immersed in the world of programming, Code Copilot stands out as an invaluable tool during coding sessions. It efficiently aids in troubleshooting code and offers that additional support you truly deserve. In my opinion, this coding GPT assistant is both impressive and beneficial—a resource you wouldn’t want to overlook.

Photo Realistic GPT

There are numerous AI text-to-image generators at your disposal, but often they fall short of expectations. I’ve faced my share of disappointments in this regard, with even ChatGPT failing to generate satisfactory images lately. This can be quite frustrating, making the presence of a photo-realistic GPT incredibly useful.

This specific GPT is designed to produce hyper-realistic outcomes that align with the image’s overall style. You have the option to upload an image and request something in a similar vein or provide a detailed prompt for striking results.

I appreciate the introduction of this magical paintbrush tool by the team at genigpt.net. Whether you require visuals for a project or simply want to experiment with editing tools, it’s undeniably one of the most engaging GPTs currently available.

These are my top GPT recommendations, yet the vast array of options out there means I frequently stumble upon new and mind-blowing ones. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them in the comments below.. Additionally, let me know which of these GPTs you find most appealing!

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